What is an Arborist?

An arborist, arboriculturist, or tree surgeon is a trained and skilled professional who cultivates, manages, and studies trees, shrubs and other woody plants. People know the term logger and [...]


Taking Aerial Rescue Seriously

Aerial Rescue in the tree care industry and the latest rescue techniques and scenarios are subjects that all arborists need to be up to date on. It is very important to build a culture of safety [...]


It’s a Hard Life for Trees in Colorado

Denver, Colorado is an amazing place for people who love outdoor activities, abundant food choices and great live music. That being said, anyone who has spent any time in the state knows how [...]


Crane to Climber Communication

Proper crane communication is often overlooked or under taught in the tree industry. Most crane operators are not as confident with tree removals, because unpredictable weights can fluctuate [...]


The Benefit of Having Trees on your Property

Trees are the largest living organisms on the planet and even though we primarily plant trees for their beauty or to provide shade, they can also provide many other benefits. Trees absorb carbon [...]


Choosing the Best Rigging Point in a Tree

Finding the best rigging point in a tree can be very challenging to climbers. Here are some tips to take into consideration when choosing the appropriate rigging points to achieve maximized [...]

10 Tips on Cutting your Own Christmas Tree

Cutting down your own Christmas tree is a fun family tradition and enhances the Christmas spirit.  It may seem as a simple task and just a part of a holiday season, but there is a lot more to [...]

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